You have to do something more than mere perfection
The world changes and surprises us
With infinite possibilities
It inspires us to create new solutions
Solutions that connect us intuitively
With what really matters for all of us
Solutions that make everything lighter
more efficient and more surprising
Solutions that give emotions
and enrich our lives
Looking to the future
With the power of tradition
Innovating together

EliData offers complete and modular multi-market and multi-asset class STP solutions to banks, investment firms, asset management and insurance companies.

The suite offers access to international markets, circuits and brokers for trading, order collection and transmission for all asset classes.


Order Management

Algorithmic Trading

Smart Order Routing


Portfolio Management

Risk Management

Middle Office

Market Data HUB

Through other products from CAD IT group also Back Office, Market Abuse, Money Laundry, Trading Online etc.

Elidata Modules
Some of the realized solutions based on modules from EliData

Trading System for a Securitiy Firm active on international equities, bonds and derivatives markets with functionalities of OMS, Risk Management, Smart Order Routing, Dynamic Best Execution and Algorithmic Trading.
Market Making platform on bond markets with OTC coverage of positions.
Order collection and order routing system for retail orders on equities, bonds, derivatives and Forex with interfaces to eighty markets and circuits for OTC trading
Feeding of Murex MXG2000: data collection from several sources/markets, control of static data within MUREX, bi-directional interface between MUREX and the Back Office, management of all instrument types and all types of transactions.
Deal Capture – also in drop copy mode – and feeding of Back Office, Position Keeping and other systems.
Collection of all types of information related to static and dynamic instrument data and market feeds for all instrument types from different sources, data normalization and distribution to several systems, like Trading Online, Risk Management, Back Office, Market Abuse etc.


CAD IT, in collaboration with the University of Verona, the Gruppo Pleiadi, leader in the field of popular science, along with other local institutions and organisations are participating in Kidsuniversity Verona. This event is aimed at boys and girls between 8 and 13 years of age and will be held…

L'Arena - CAD IT, valori in crescita nel primo trimestre 2015

CONTI. La società quotata al segmento Star al resoconto intermedio di gestione CARICHE. Il nuovo CdA: confermato Dal Cortivo

CAD IT sponsor of FashionAble World 2015

This year will once again see CAD IT alongside VENISTAR in sponsoring the “FashionAble World 2015" event to be held in Padua from March 31st to April 1st 2015. The theme chosen for the event is “Digital transformation: from the sociality of art to digital culture”. In an increasingly…

L'Arena - CAD IT, salgono i margini e il bilancio torna in attivo

CONTI. La posizione finanziaria netta diventa positiva per 3,6 milioni

CAD IT sponsors “TEDxVerona 2015: beyond the wall”

CAD IT, leader in the Italian financial software market and listed in the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana, will be Golden partner of “TEDxVerona 2015: beyond the wall” ( The event, supported by Verona University and City Council, is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 1st…

Star Conference 2015 in Milan

CAD IT participates to the 2015 STAR Conference in Milan organized by the Italian Stock Exchange on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March 2015, Palazzo Mezzanotte, Congress and Training Centre, Piazza degli Affari, 6.  

L'Arena - CAD IT, miglioramento di risultato e indicatori

Trimestrali. La società è quotata in Borsa

One Day Investor Meeting 2014 in Milano

CAD IT participates to the One Day Investor Meeting in Milan organized by UBI Banca Private & Corporate Unity on Thursday 9th October 2014, Corso Europa, 16.