EliData offers complete and modular multi-market and multi-asset class STP solutions for banks, investment firms, asset management and insurance companies.

Our suite offers access to domestic and international markets, networks and brokers for trading and order routing for all asset classes.


Order Management

Algorithmic Trading

Smart Order Routing


Portfolio Management

Risk Management

Middle Office

Market Data Hub

Through products from CAD IT Group, we cover also Back Office, Market Abuse, Money Laundering and Trading Online services.

Elidata Modules
Some solutions realized by EliData modules

Trading System for a Security Firm active in international equities, bonds and derivatives markets including OMS, Risk Management, Smart Order Routing, Dynamic Best Execution and Algorithmic Trading.
Market Making platform on bond markets with OTC coverage of positions.
Order collection and order routing system for retail orders on equities, bonds, derivatives and Forex with interfaces to eighty markets and networks for OTC trading.
Feeding of Murex MXG2000: data collection from several sources/markets, control of static data within MUREX, bi-directional interface between MUREX and the Back Office, management of all instrument types and all types of transactions.
Deal Capture - also in drop copy mode - and feeding of Back Office, Position Keeping and other systems.
Collection of all types of information related to static and dynamic instrument data and market feeds for all instrument types from different sources, data normalization and distribution to several systems, like Trading Online, Risk Management, Back Office and Market Abuse.

CTS integrates Bloomberg's ALGO EMSX

Our Team has reached another important goal in terms of R&D and innovation. CTS (Caronte Trading System) expands with a new function, by the integration of Bloomberg’s ALGO EMSX Solution. Through this new function, brokers that use our Solution can directly receive and manage ALGO deals…

GRS – SFTR solution. “Beyond a software"

In EliData we’re constantly working to ensure that our clients are ready to deal with SFTR, the new EU regulation of securities lending and repo. “Beyond a software” A few words that resume our approach: know-how, skills, professionalism and complete management of the project. “I…

Brexit: impatti su Traading e Transaction Reporting

Nella giornata di ieri, 17 ottobre 2019, è stato raggiunto “un grande nuovo accordo”, a dirlo è il Prime Minister Boris Johnson (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-50079385). Sono numerose le implicazioni e le conseguenze che avrà Brexit sulle vicende economiche e politiche tra UE e…

CTS lands to the Bolsa de Madrid

EliData has completed the certification on the spanish market SIBE. We are proud to announce that CTS (Caronte Trading System) is now live with trading operations on the Bolsa de Madrid, with our first client in Spain. Another important goal, made possible by the continuous investment in…

Certification on MTS BondVision - RFQ

EliData has completed the certification for RFQ (Request For Quote) function on MTS BondVision Market. Established in 2001, MTS BondVision is the market that connects investors to an extensive network of dealers across Europe and the US. RFQ function allows market’s operators to request…

Bloomberg is planning to close down SSEOMS

As reported by Waterstechnology.com, Bloomberg is planning to withdraw his Sell-Side Execution and Order Management Solutions (SSEOMS). The company has not provided further details about his decision, but is expected to sunset SSEOMS over the next two years. Caronte OMS, the Order…

Direct trading on Eurex market

EliData has completed the certification on Eurex market regarding trading of derivatives. In this way we enable our customer to trade as direct members of the market where, up to now, it was required a broker to vehicle orders. Through this operation, our Trading System keeps growing and becoming…

SFT Reporting Solution and next evolutions of REPOS Platform

EliData will take part in the event that will take place on 4 april 2019 in CAD IT (Verona, Italy), focused on the new regulation SFTR (Secure Financing Transactions Regulation). On this occasion, we will present to our customers SFT Reporting Solution and next evolutions of…