CTS MM is the Market Making component for Bond, Equity and Derivatives markets.


CTS MM is the EliData solution for the Market Making activity on Bond, Equity and Derivatives markets. A complete set of Market Making functionalities and a wide selection of sources can be used for pricing calculations.

The pricing rules and strategies are configured and activated through the CTS MM workstation and executed by the server/side pricing engine. The system supports Market Making for hundreds of instruments, with coninuous updates of quotes. 

The core pricing functionality offers the possibility to receive a benchmark price for each instrument from any source and to configure rules for price offset, spread and thresholds for the generated quotes. It is possible to generate single and double quotes. 

The pricing source could be internally calculated, externally acquired, or generated by an excel spreadsheet.

Additional quotation strategies can be activated on top of the core pricing rules: 

  • Refill strategy: defines when to refill an executed quantity;
  • Always Best: always the best quote on the market, within the configured constraints; 
  • Never Best: never quotes at the first level of the book, within the configured constraints; 
  • AutoDowngrade: automatically downgrades the price if a quote is hit.

Beside the panic button that removes all quotes from the market, CTS MM offers the functionality to manage quotes for a set of instruments (basket). 

Configurable alerts notify the trader of any market event that needs attention. 

In case of technical problems the system can automatically halt the quotations and remove all the quotes from the market.