EMIR - Derivatives Trade Reporting

Derivatives Trade Reporting is the software application for capturing the real-time operations, processing the data and sending the required reporting information to the Trade Repository.

EMIR - Derivatives Trade Reporting

According to the EMIR regulation, financial and non-financial counterparties must ensure that the details of any derivative contract they may have concluded, as well as any subsequent modification or termination of said contracts, is reported to a trade repository, no later than one working day following their conclusion, modification or termination.

The reporting obligation came into force as of February 2014

With EliData's Trade Repository Reporting, it is not required to introduce new reporting logics into your current applications. Trade Repository Reporting captures operations in real time from your existing Front Office Systems (e.g. MUREX, Kondor+, Bloomberg, MiSys,direct market connection, etc.) and from the Area Finanza Suite, elaborates the data and sends all necessary messages to the Trade Repository. The monitoring screen shows the status of all messages for all contracts.

Through CAD IT’s partnership with REGIS-TR (www.regis-tr.com), the European trade repository, launched by Iberclear (BME) and Clearstream (Deutsche Boerse Group), we are able to supply a complete service.

Trade Repositories with certified connectivity:

  • GTR - DTCC
  • Regis - TR
  • UnaVista Trade Repository